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Name : Deepak Sharma
Gender : Male
Marital Status : Single
Age : 27
Height : 16 CM
Weight - Past: 63 KG | Current: 73 KG
Occupation : Computer Operator
Date & Time of Birth : 23/07/1997 | 12:00 am
Place of Birth : UP
Address : 137, Chandigarh, UT, IN, 160102
Mobile : 7355407441
EMail : [email protected]

Prakriti: Balanced Vata: 0 | Pitta: 0 | Kapha: 0
Level of Your Mind - Body Impurities: 0 (Mild)
Indigestion Score: 0 (Mild)
Parasites: 0 (Mild)

Question: Response:
How long have you had the chronic conditions about which you are consulting us?More than 5 years
How has your health problem progressed since it began?Gradually worsening
Is your sleep disturbed by the symptoms?Not at all
Have you undergone any investigations forX-ray, Ultrasound, Other Tests
SummerBurning in the eyes
SpringDifficulty paying attention, Bronchitis, Apathy
Health as a child:Poor Childhood illnesses
Do you use any of the following?microwave-cooking, aluminum-cookware
Describe your bowel movements?Once daily, Need laxative daily, Immediately after meals
Bowel movement associated with:
Do you have any of the following urinary problems?
Do you delay or suppress any of the following?
Do you often experience any of the following?
At what time you wake up?, 12, 00, am
At what time you sleep?, 12, 00, am
To what direction does your head point during sleep?
What is your sleeping position?
My eating habits include:
What taste(s) do you like or crave?
Are there any particular foods that create discomfort when you eat them?
As a child, did you experience any abuse or trauma?
Do you have any problems?
Which of the following describes your menstruation? (You may choose more than one)
How many days does your menstrual period last?
Associated symptoms (before or during menstruation):
Do you experience any problems in breasts?
Vata Personality
Pitta Personality
Kapha Personality
Total Vata | Pitta | KaphaMy Mind-Body Personality is: VATA - {calc:vata_score} PITTA - {calc:pitta_score} KAPHA - {calc:kapha_score}
Body ImpuritiesLevel of Your Mind - Body Impurities: Total: {calc:body_impurities} 1 to 17 = Mild | 17 to 34 = Moderate | 35 to 51 = Severe
IndigestionTotal Score: {calc:Indigestion} 1 to 13 = Mild 14 to 26 = Moderate 27 to 39 = Severe