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Healers Membership Plans

Unlocking Opportunities on Our Health Portal

Welcome to HealMe HealthPortal Pricing Plan!

  1. Basic Profile Creation: It’s easy

    • Get started easily by creating your profile on our portal.
    • Showcase your expertise and services to a broader audience.
    • Provide valuable information about your business, services, and procedures.
  2. Enhanced Profile Assistance:

    • Let us make your profile shine brighter.
    • Our expert support team will assist you in enhancing your profile.
    • Stand out in the healthcare industry and attract more clients.
    • Receive personalized guidance to optimize your profile for maximum impact.
  3. Special Discounts: Limited-Time Offers

    • Take advantage of our exclusive discounts available for a limited time.
    • Hurry and grab these deals before they expire.
    • Sign up today to secure your discounted pricing.
  4. Digital Profile Management and Lead Conversion: Revenue Sharing Basis

    • We offer a unique solution to manage your digital profile effectively.
    • Share your profile with prospects and on social media platforms effortlessly.
    • Say goodbye to spam calls and overwhelming prospect queries.
    • Our backend support team will handle inquiries and convert them into clients.
    • Enjoy the benefits of our lead conversion service on a revenue-sharing basis.
    • Focus on your expertise while we take care of turning queries into clients.

Join HealMe HealthPortal today and unlock the gateway to the healthcare world. Showcase your services, attract more clients, and grow your impact in the industry. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your presence in the healthcare community. Sign up now and let us help you shine!


Membership Pricing Plans

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HealMe Global Holistic Healers Awards

A select group of exceptional doctors and healers, carefully chosen from our pool of nominated candidates, will be honored with an exclusive invitation to partake in the illustrious HealMe’s Global Holistic Healing Awards. This esteemed event serves as a testament to their dedication, recognizing and celebrating excellence in the realm of holistic healing.

In proud collaboration with the Aanchal Saraswati Vidyamandir Charitable Trust (ASVCT), an organization unwavering in its commitment to promoting good health within society, this awards ceremony holds a special place in our mission.

To secure your participation, kindly proceed by checking out below this form.

– Team HealMe

Nomination for

HealMe Global Holistic
Healers Awards

Discovering Unique Healing Paths

Embracing Unconventional Healing
HealMe Health Portal take pride in celebrating different ways of healing that not everyone knows about. We deeply respect the hard work and knowledge of holistic healers and doctors, and we’re here to help them get noticed.
Shining a Light on Healers
If a doctor or healer is nominated, we invite them to create a profile on our website for free. Our goal is to support them in gaining recognition for their work.
Careful Selection Process
We have a thorough and careful process for choosing the best holistic healers and doctors. Those selected in the first round have the opportunity to be part of the prestigious HealMe Global Holistic Healing Awards.
Partnership with ASVCT
We work together with the Aanchal Saraswati Vidyamandir Charitable Trust (ASVCT) to promote good health in society. You can learn more about ASVCT’s mission by visiting their website: ASVCT’s website.
Profile features
  • Brief introduction of therapy / doctor / healer
  • Logo & Cover Image (Personal Branding)
  • Gallery Facility (You can upload your 6 images & YouTube videos)
  • Upload Blogs & Article
  • 5 Testimonials
  • FAQ’s (About clinic, facilities & procedures available)
Dashboard & Facilities
  • Appointment Facility
  • Create Patient / Client Record
  • Search Patient / Client Record
  • Create e Prescription for your patients (For
  • Doctors/Healers only)
  • Create Diet Plans & Share with Your Patients
  • Promotional Online Events Facility
Appreciation Letter to all nominated doctors and healers.