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Prakriti & Vikruti Analysis

This Ayurveda Test will give you a clue about your "Prakriti". Our Prakriti is our real essence and will never show signs of change throughout our whole lifetime. Knowing your Prakriti will help you figure out a diet, Lifestyle and treatment perfect for you.



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1. Body Frame P
A thin, bony small, hardly gain weight
Medium build, gain & lose weight easily
Large, well proportioned, gain easily but difficult to lose

2. Gait & Action P
Walk or talk fast
Moderate & determined walk, aggressive slow and steady gait
Slow & steady gait

3. Weather Reaction P
Enjoy warm, but feel uncomfortable in cool weather
Love cool weather, but dislike warm
Like warm but aversion to cold and

4. Sweating P
Little but not much
Very much
Never sweat unless working hard

5. Appetite (Hunger) P
Irregular, sometimes hungry sometimes not
Strong & Sharp, always feel hungry
Medium to low, tendency to eat for comfort & taste

6. Skin P
Normal to dry, rough thin & cool
Normal to oily, soft, reddish, warm
Normal to oily, soft, thick & cool

7. Skin imbalanced P
Dull dry wrinkled dehydrated
Radish, inflamed, sensitive to chemical
Excessive oily, likely to itching & fungal infections

8. Hair P
Rough, dry wavy
Normal, straight, brownish
Thick, curly, oily

9. Eyes P
Cracking sound in joints, or visible red nerves on legs
Black moles and freckles
Unproportionate body

10. General signs P
Cracking sound in joints, or visible red nerves on legs
Black moles and freckles
Unproportionate body

11. Memory P
Quick to learn quick to forget
Average to learn & never forget
Slow to learn but don't forget easily

12. Mind P
The mind gets restless easily
Get impatient or aggressive easily
It takes a lot to make me angry

13. Mind activity P
Quick implementation
Lazy implementation

14. Sleep P
Light & disturbed (easily wake up in the morning)
Moderate but regular (go back to sleep easily)
Deep and heavy (Can't wake up easily in the morning)

15. Stress & Emotions P
Worry, often feel nervous & anxious
Become irritable or impatient and angry
Nor easily muffled, very caring & loving