It's Time to Reduce Stress
Learn To Live Healthy

Our beautifully designed, affordable & memorable wellness retreat resident workshop to heal mind body and soul in the lap of mother nature are worth attending. Unveil transforming experiences with a full range of traditional healthy food along with holistic healing therapies, detoxification programs & rejuvenating activities. Here you will also learn Ayurvedic Cooking & Nutrition, Yoga & Meditation, Easy Self-Healing Therapies, and Courses for healthy lifestyle.

Why Camping for Health

In this busy lifestyle we’ve forgot that our body and mind also need some time and attention. Give it the attention it needs.

What You Get Camping for Health

Learn | Heal | Rejuvenate
Healing Therapies

Get relief from stress and general ailments with ancient & holistic healing therapies.

Detoxification Programs

Enjoy tasty detox juices frotified with ayurvedic herbs

Rejuvenating Activities

Funfilled activities and games to destress and rejuvenation

Traditional Healthy Food

Enjoy healthy nutritious food traditionally cooked in earthern and copper vessels

Learn Ayurvedic Cooking

Learn and heal yourself with easy to cook recipes

Learn Yoga & Meditation

Learn easy doing yoga and meditation in your daily regime

Healing Therapies & Courses

Learn different healing therapies and courses for self healing

Self Help Programs

This program helps to overcome stress, burnout, anxiety or depression

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Wellness Retreats

Learn | Heal | Rejuvenate