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About Us


To provide the best holistic health services to people

HealMe is a platform committed to delivering holistic healing options to those seeking alternative therapies for their health issues. Our purpose is to link people with a variety of independent therapists and therapies that could otherwise go unnoticed owing to the prevalence of traditional medicine.

We at HealMe work with recognised doctors and healers to provide our clients with the greatest and most authentic holistic healing practises. We also teach and encourage people to live in peace with environment and in good health.

Our resident programmes are aimed to assist participants embrace a healthy lifestyle by giving hands-on training and practise. We provide a variety of camps and programmes focusing on specific diseases, integrating various therapies and treatments.

By giving hands-on training and practise, our resident courses are aimed to assist participants embrace a healthy lifestyle. We provide a variety of camps and programmes that focus on specific conditions, including various therapies and counselling methods to encourage holistic rehabilitation.

You can be confident that you will receive personalised care and attention from our team of expert healers and practitioners when you use HealMe. Our goal is to help people take control of their health and attain holistic wellbeing.

Meet The Core Team

The dreamers who never lose hope and keep going for better healthy society.

anita about healme

Dr Anita Garg

Dr. Anita, a medical practitioner and the Chief Administrator of the Aanchal Saraswati Vidyamandir Charitable Trust (, has long envisioned a disease-free society. This vision has inspired her to work diligently to bridge the gap between mankind and nature, recognising that the rising frequency of lifestyle disorders is intrinsically related to our detachment from nature. She has realised this wonderful ambition with HealMe. HealMe is dedicated to promoting holistic health and wellness and allowing individuals to take responsibility of their health and welfare by providing herbal and natural immunity modulators, resident workshops, and a large network of recognised healers.


Dharminder Sharma

Dharminder Sharma, a key contributor to the initiative, has over 20 years of experience in project starts up, operations, and strategic alliance formation. His involvement began with the concept development stage, and he has been critical in assuring the portal's technical and operational stability. Aside from HealMe, Dharminder is the founder of various upcoming projects in pipeline, which helps businesses seeking possibilities for growth. He mentors many businesses and manages their business development activities, such as concept creation, operations, strategic collaborations, and product and service launches. Dharminder also offers IT assistance by developing web portals (websites), digital marketing, domains, hosting, SSL certificates, and online activity solutions. Dharminder has experience working with large organisations and managing national-level projects such as franchising networks, agreements, and property acquisition. He has also assisted corporations in obtaining business loans of up to 100 crores and more. Dharminder is dedicated to building the HealMe project and taking it to new heights of success with his abundance of experience and knowledge.


Heal Cart is an initiative from HealMe to provide you and your family with the best quality & healthy products. HealCart always selects farms, vendors or suppliers after checking the quality standards so that the purity and quality of the products are maintained which is done by checking the food licensing, packaging, and manufacturing process. We are coming up with more healthy products on monthly basis.