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Join Us at the National Doctors and Healers Holistic Awards 2024!

Celebrate Excellence in Health and Wellness Across India

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Recognizing and Honoring the Champions of
Health and Holistic Wellness!

Holistic Awards

Step into a World Where Health Meets Holistic Excellence

At the National Doctors and Healers Holistic Awards, we are dedicated to honoring the exceptional contributions of doctors, healers, and wellness practitioners across various fields. Whether you are a doctor, a healer, or someone who has touched lives through holistic practices, this is your stage to shine. Join us as we celebrate those who are making a profound impact on health and wellness in our communities.


Why You Should Participate in the Holistic Awards

Recognize Your Achievements

Gain the recognition you deserve for your dedication to health and wellness.

Expand Your Network

Connect with top professionals and like-minded individuals in the health sector.

Showcase Your Expertise

Share your journey and achievements with a wider audience.

Gain Visibility

Increase your visibility and credibility in the health and wellness community.

Celebrate in Style

Join us for a grand gala ceremony filled with exciting activities and celebrations.

Celebrate Excellence in Diverse Health Sectors

We are proud to recognize outstanding contributions in the following categories:

  • Pharmacy: Honoring the best in pharmaceutical services.
  • Hospitals & Clinics: Celebrating excellence in patient care and innovative practices.
  • Multispeciality Clinics: Highlighting clinics offering comprehensive healthcare solutions.
  • Dentists & Dermatologists: Recognizing specialists who provide exceptional dental and skin care.
  • Gynecology: Acknowledging leaders in women’s health.
  • Ayurveda & Homeopathy: Celebrating traditional healing practices that make a difference.
  • Yoga & Meditation: Honoring practitioners promoting mental and physical well-being.
  • Farmers & NGOs: Recognizing those who contribute to health and wellness through sustainable practices.
  • Fitness Trainers: Celebrating individuals who inspire and guide others towards a healthier lifestyle.
  • Health Resorts & Panchkarma Centers: Highlighting holistic wellness destinations.
  • Holistic Healing Therapies: Recognizing alternative therapies that transform lives.
  • Spiritual Guides: Honoring those who lead others towards spiritual well-being.
  • Patient Care Companies: Acknowledging businesses that prioritize patient care and service.
  • Diagnostics & Eye Care: Celebrating excellence in medical diagnostics and eye health.
  • Social Workers & Army: Honoring those who serve the community and nation.
  • Cancer Warriors: Recognizing the brave individuals and organizations fighting against cancer.
  • Lifetime Achievement Awards: Celebrating lifelong dedication to health and wellness.

The Road to Recognition Starts Here

  • Nominate Yourself or Someone Else: Fill out the nomination form with detailed profiles and achievements at HealMe Health Portal.

  • Engage and Share: Participate in our online events, webinars, and storytelling sessions to showcase your journey.

  • Attend the Gala Ceremony: Join us for the grand gala in September 2024 for a night of celebration and recognition.


Join Us for a Memorable Celebration!

Online Event

Ongoing till second week of July 2024 – Engage with us virtually and share your stories.

Gala Ceremony

27th July 2024 (Saturday) – Enjoy a luxurious event filled with networking, cultural performances, and awards at a lavish resort. Exact venue to be announced on 15th July 2024.

Be Part of an Inspiring Journey



Participate in educational webinars featuring experts in health and wellness.

Success Stories

Story Videos

Watch and share inspiring stories of nominees and their remarkable contributions.

Top Performances

Cultural Performances

Enjoy vibrant cultural performances that highlight the spirit of holistic wellness.

Don't Wait!

Nominate & Register Today!

Don’t miss this opportunity to be recognized and celebrated for your contributions to health and wellness. Nominate yourself or someone you admire at HealMe Health Portal.

In Association with ASVCT

HealMe Health Portal and ASVCT are proud to bring you this event. Together, we are committed to promoting health, wellness, and community engagement. Visit for More Information.