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Ayurveda is the most ancient holistic healing therapy as it is closely attached to nature. Ayurvedic acharyas have vastly explained the lifestyle according to the ritus (Seasons), dincharya & ritucharya (day & night regimen) and according to the Prakriti (Individual nature) and Vikriti (Problem created due to imbalance in doshas). Today’s lifestyle diseases are the result of unawareness &  ignorance of this highly proven scientific pathy. Ayurveda has the ability to prevent as well as even cure the most of the so-called untreatable diseases.

HealMe Holistic Clinic provides treatment with counselling and freshly prepared herbal medicines.

Holistic Healing Approach for:

Diabetes / Mellitus

Heart / High BP

Stone Problems

Migraine / Sinus

Frozen Shoulder

Arthritis / Sciatica


PCOD / Fibroid


Sexual Wellness

Kidney Problems

Medical Astrology

Our Happy Clients!

I had so many problems like PCOD, Hair Fall & Indigestion. I am taking ayurvedic medicine for two months from Dr Anita I have got relieved from almost all the problems. Thanks to Dr Anita.

Ritu Garg

I have been suffering from fatty liver grade 3. I consulted Dr Anita and she put me on some ayurvedic medicines with dietary restrictions and recommended yoga for one hour daily. Now after three months, I have lost 8 kgs weight and my fatty liver has reduced to grade 1.


I had a problem with PCOD, sistic areas in the uterus and pelvic inflammatory. I consulted Dr Anita in Dec 2020. She started treatment for three months but I got my ultrasound done after two months of treatment in Feb 2021 now I have no sist in ovaries or uterus and PID is also relieved.


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