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Come and accept the challenge of cooking healthy food (No oil or less oil nutritious food cooking recipe), Cook Healthy, Stay Healthy!
You can share your recipe till 30th November 2020. Share this online event and get a chance to win free HealMe’s recipe eBook & exclusive gifts. #cookandfun


Your kids run away from nutritious food because they feel its not yummy, right?
What if here at HEAL Me we come at your rescue…
Do you know?
Health is directly affected by the food we intake.
According to the studies,
Physical activity contributes to only 30% to your fitness and 70% is the food that we consume.
Diseases are growing rapidly among people today solely due to lack of nutrition’s and food.
We at HEALME take our initiative towards healthy living.
We are organizing an online event where we invite your recipe’s & images (Video Optional) of dish cooked to showcase your cooking skills and share your recepies that have high nutritional value and strengthen the immunity.
The participants have to send in their images/video entries along with written recipes mentioning the nutritional content of the food prepared.
We have more in the box …for all others who want to explore and learn about making the food interesting and nutritious at the same time are most welcome to


1. To Participate, Join our Strava Club, This Challenge is for members only.

To join the “Stay fit, Cycle it!” strava club click on the mentioned link.

2. It is very easy to participate in this Challenge, you just have to Ride, Run & Walk wherever you are… just switch on your mobile Strava App.

Whenever and wherever you ride, run & walk, Track it with Strava App.

3. On completion of the triathlon, send us a screenshot of daily activity on WhatsApp number +91 946 540 1338.

4. You have to ride, run & walk all 10 days.

5. You have to ride, run & walk a minimum of 5 Kms each, every day and not less than the previous day activity.

6. you have to submit activity data daily on WhatsApp.

7. Participants will Cycle / Run / Walk on his / her own responsibility, minors should take prior permission from their parents.

8. The ride/walk/run should be in one go without any break.

9. The participant has to like our official page and share his / her image of cycling, running or walking at our Facebook page

10. HealMe in any way will not be responsible for any untoward incident if it happens. HealMe recommends you take every precaution and follow traffic/COVID pandemic rules/protocols.

11. HealMe’s decision will be final in selecting the winners and will be purely transparent.

12. This event is for Indian residents only.

Note: No manual submission of activity will be acceptable.


The winning criteria for “Monthly Distance Challenge 2022” will be the maximum distance covered during 10 days challenge.

Winning Prizes

1. 1st Prize Rs. 5100/- + Printed Certificate + T-Shirt + Gift Hamper + Discount Coupons
2. 2nd Prize Rs. 2100/- + Printed Certificate + T-Shirt + Gift Hamper + Discount Coupons
3. 3rd Prize Rs. 1100/- + Printed Certificate + T-Shirt + Gift Hamper + Discount Coupons
4.Five Consolation Prizes – Printed Certificate + T-Shirt + Gift Hamper + Discount Coupons
5. Special recognition for consistent riders as per the discretion of the club.

Note: e-Certificate to all participants + Discount Coupons.

Cash Prize



Gift Hamper

Gift Vouchers

Premium T-Shirt


For any other queries regarding participation and event feel free to contact us.

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