Yoga (An Art & Science)

Yoga is basically a spritual discipline which is based on an expremely subtle science that concentrate on bringing harmony between mind & bod. It is a science & an art of healthy & sound living. 

The word yoga is derived from the sanskrit word ‘yug’ signifying ‘to join’ or ‘to combine or ‘to unite’. Both yoga and ayurveda are closely related & have developed in tandem with each other since ancient times. Ace to yogic sacred writings the act of yoga prompts the union of individual consciousness with that of the universal consciousness, showing an ideal congruity between the mind & the body, man & nature. 

Yoga is believed to balance the 3 doshas i.e – vata, pitta & kapha. one who experience this oneness of existence is said to be in yoga, and is named as yogi, having achieved a state of freedom alluded to as mukti, nirvanna or moksha. 

Prime objective of yoga is self realization to overcome all types of sufferings prompting the state of salvation (moksha) or ‘freedom’ (kaivalya). 

Living with freedome in all aspects of life, health & harmony is the primary focus of yoga practice. Yoga works on the level of ones body, mind, emotion & energy. 

This has given rise to 4 broad classifications of yoga:- Karma yoga, where we use the body; Bhakti Yoga – Where we use the emotions; Gyana Yoga – where we use the mind & intellect and kriya yoga, where we use the energy now a days millions & millions of people across the globe have been benefitted by practicing yoga on daily basis which has been preserved & provoked by the great eminent yoga masters from ancient time to this date. The practice of yoga is flourishing, & growing more vibrant every day.

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